Our Process

Plug and Play System

The time-consuming steps of installation (both plumbing and electrical) are completed faster and more efficiently in our factory. The complete package is shipped to the job site for installation into a myriad of pathways and spaces. Both vertical and horizontal cable management can be addressed and simplified using pre-connected cable systems for trunks, cable assemblies and connector modules. This is what we call our “Plug & Play” system.

Self Sealing and Efficient

This system is completely self sealing, removing the need for stripping wires and wire-nuts. Plug & Play is designed to provide a quick connect system for power cables when the building is moved off-site. It provides ideal protection against water, oil and dust contamination. Our “Plug & Play Connector Assemblies” reduce downtime, last longer and are easy to deploy.

From concept to delivery

We work with architects who clients may have already engaged, as well as providing architectural services to those needing a package that calls for everything from the design concept to finished product

Currently, we employ builders, and hammer-hands, while sub-trades include: plumbers, plasterers, electricians, roofers, painters. We also have an on-site kitchen and bathroom making facility – hobs, counters, cupboards, mirrors, vanities, showers, all ready to go!